How to use TTS

1. Open a book.

2. Tap screen to show toolbar.

2. Tap tts ▸ icon to start tts reading.

3. Tap ⏸ icon to pause reading.

4. Slide page slider to start reading on a new page.

5. At the end of a chapter, tts will automatically open and start reading the next chapter.

6. Tap □ icon to exit tts reading mode, back to normal page display.

Navigate with headset buttons

1. One tap to pause/resume reading.

2. Double tap to go to the paragraph below.

3. Double tap and hold the second tap to go to the paragraph above.

Voice selection

IOS-10 makes it easy to switch between tts voices. At anytime you can go to "Settings/General/Accessibility/Speech/Voices/English (your choice of language)" to make the switch.

We recommmend the enhanced voices of Alex, Ava, and Tom. Tap one of them to download the required files for their voices. (Do delete the voice if you decide not to use it becuase they can take up 500-800MB of your storage.)

Your new voice selection will take effect when a new paragraph starts or when tts is paused and resumed.