At Himalaya-Soft, we strive to view the world of knowledge from high above the Great Himalayas, and create solutions to simplify and navigate the increasingly more complex knowledge world.

We are proud of our early success: our first app (NY Times Himalaya Reader ) was named the NO. 1 App of 2011

We are equally proud to share with you our second App, Gutenberg Project, which has become the most used app for searching and reading Gutenberg free books.

Over the past few years we have gathered a large quantity of data from unique, anonymous readers and are proud to present the

Himalaya Most Read Books List

The ranking of this list is determined by the number of unique readers and the number of pages that are actually read. Downloading or flipping through pages have no effect on the ranking order of a book.

To read these books free, please download our Gutenberg Project from Apple's App Store.